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Investment Backed Annuity

This means that your money is invested and the income you receive is determined by investment performance instead of a fixed annuity rate. This type of annuity will give you the chance of a higher income but involves extra risk.

An investment backed annuity will usually include a minimum income guarantee, which is a fixed minimum amount that your income is guaranteed to be, even if your investments perform badly. This amount is usually significantly lower than you could expect to receive from a conventional annuity. The potential advantage to this type of plan is that, if your chosen investments perform well, you could receive a higher level of income.

It is worth remembering that these types of annuity are still lifetime annuities, so once an investment backed annuity has been chosen, there is no facility to change this decision and revert to a conventional annuity in the future.

There are various investment backed annuities in the marketplace and we are happy to discuss the l benefits with you but, as risk is involved, these types of plans will not suit everyone.

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