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Enhancing your annuity income

We offer a fully advised service supporting the Offer More Options initiative, which aims to ensure that you are made fully aware of the different types of annuity available in the marketplace. This information will help you to select the annuity that suits you best and will ensure that you get the best income possible from your pension.

Some companies specialise in offering annuities that pay a higher than normal income if you have, or have had health problems that threaten to reduce your lifespan. These are called Impaired Life Annuities, and the relevant health problems might include cancer, chronic asthma, diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis or stroke.

You may be able to get an Enhanced Annuity if you smoke regularly or are overweight. Some companies also offer higher rates to people who have followed certain occupations or people who live in particular parts of the country, which have a lower life expectancy.

We always check whether you may be entitled to an enhanced or impaired annuity. To do this, we will ask some very basic health questions and, if you do have any conditions that may qualify, we will talk you through a short medical questionnaire.

We will then send the completed questionnaire to each of the enhanced annuity providers, who will underwrite your case on an individual basis. This will enable each company to produce a fully underwritten illustration, quoting their best annuity rate for your particular circumstances.

Our service means that we can quickly identify the best provider for your individual requirements from the whole market rather than a selected group of companies. Having worked and saved hard for your pension, we recognise it is vital to get the best income from it for the rest of your life.

Statistics suggest that as many as 1 in 3 people are entitled to an impaired or enhanced annuity, but most never get it because their medical backgrounds are not properly discussed. This means it is always worth checking if you may be eligible for either of these options and it is very important that you divulge all relevant information to us when we ask questions about your health and lifestyle - your answers could help us to substantially increase the income you receive.

All advice is Independent, authorised by the Financial Services Authority and provided by Qualified advisers from Chartered Financial Planners, this means you can be confident of receiving a Quality ethical service from our At Retirement specialists.

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