Do I have to pay any extra fees after taking out my initial annuity?

6th May 2013

If you have decided to take out an annuity throughout your retirement then chances are that it will have been a financial decision and you will be looking to get the most money from your annuity investment that you possibly can. Once you’ve invested in an annuity you will receive regular payments for the rest [...]

Regulator to Investigate Non-Advised Sales Post RDR

23rd January 2013

An article in the respected industry Newspaper FT Adviser has highlighted the Financial Services Authorities (FSA) intention to look closely at non-advised sales following the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) which came live at the start of 2013. The RDR insists that all advisers are qualified to give advice, and the concern is that unregulated advisers [...]

What Resources can I use to find out more about Annuities?

10th January 2013

If you are looking to make an investment in an annuity then chances are it will be an incredibly important decision in your life.

Could I be offered different annuity rates by different annuity providers?

8th January 2013

If you are looking to purchase an annuity then chances are that annuity rates are one of the most important factors that you will take into consideration – after all, it’s crucial that you get the most that you can out of your annuity investment

Will my Annuity Rate increase over time?

4th January 2013

When you start to consider retirement it’s all well and good investing money for the future – but what many people don’t take into consideration is inflation and the impact that this can have on your money over a period of time

Is non-advised the way round a commission ban?

22nd November 2012

Many people now know that from 1st January Commission will be banned as a payment for financial advice.

Inflation leaps as more QE is forecast

13th November 2012

The old double whammy is back. The Office for National Statistics has today announced that inflation has risen from 2.7% to 3.2% for RPI and similar increase to 2.7% for CPI. At the same time there are noises that Quantitative Easing will continue in the next few months.

Four More Years

7th November 2012

Well President Barack Obama has won his race to continue to lead America, four more years and no sign from the election campaign that there will be any serious change of direction.

The Scandal of Rockingham

1st November 2012

At Retirement individuals have a whole host of hopes and concerns, that their income will be adequate, that it will last, that it will keep pace with inflation and that something might be left for the next generation if they can’t spend it all.

The Misery Index

30th October 2012

In our exciting lives we get to read almost everything written about Annuities and At Retirement planning here at AnnuitySpecialist towers. At the moment there is an awful lot of doom and gloom such as this article from the Telegraph.