How do I know if I’ve got the best annuity rate?

29th August 2013

If you are looking towards financial options for your retirement then chances are that annuity rates will be something that you will be watching very closely.

How much money can I take as a tax-free lump sum before purchasing my annuity?

15th August 2013

If you are looking at options for your retirement then chances are that an annuity is right up at the top of the list and as such, if you want to make the right investment it’s crucial that you do the appropriate research before you put your money down.

How does an annuity fit in with my pension?

11th August 2013

If you are looking at retirement then it’s often easy to get the words annuity and pension confused, but in reality they can be two completely different things.

Can I stay with my pension provider when I choose an annuity?

8th August 2013

When it comes time to choose an annuity, chances are that it will be one of the biggest decisions that you will have to make and as such it’s important that it’s one that you take seriously.

Why might I choose a partnership annuity?

1st August 2013

Money is important to everyone, but when it comes to retirement being financially stable all of a sudden becomes even more important still.

What impact could the economy have on annuity rates?

28th July 2013

In recent years we have seen the economy go from weakness to weakness, and aside from the impact that it has had on the job market, another area which has struggled a little as a result is the annuity market.

What do I need to save for an annuity?

25th July 2013

If you are considering purchasing an annuity for your retirement then chances are that you will already have some figures in your head around how much you need to save to ensure that you are getting a reasonable income each year, but if you aren’t sure then it’s worth doing some calculations to work out exactly what you might need to ensure that you get a reasonable annuity income each year.

Should I choose an annuity that takes inflation into account?

23rd July 2013

Inflation is something that everyone needs to take seriously when it comes to money, and it’s crucial that if you are thinking about pensions and long-term investments that inflation isn’t something that falls too far from your mind.

Is timing important in the purchase of an annuity?

20th July 2013

If you are looking to purchase an annuity, then chances are that annuity rates are one of the first things that you will have looked at, and as such it’s important that if you are going to make such an important investment, you are giving yourself the opportunity to get the best possible return across the board.

How do I know if it’s the right time to buy an annuity?

18th July 2013

As with most financial decisions in life, choosing an annuity is all about timing, and making sure that you purchase your annuity at the right time can have a major impact on the type of annuity income that you receive.