Annuity Advice

21st December 2011

When it comes to purchasing an annuity, the marketplace can be incredibly overwhelming and it’s often difficult to make a decision when you are presented with a range of different options. As the annuity market is big business there are a wide range of companies who are vying for your attention and your investment, this can mean a range of great offers and affordable prices made available to you. Choosing the right annuity can make a large difference to your retirement income, so it’s worth taking a little advice when it comes to making the decision.

Why should I look at getting annuity advice?

Annuity advice can really help your income over the long run, as it helps to ensure that you are taking into consideration all of the options available to you, and can help to explain how annuities work, which is something that most people know very little about. Annuity advisors can look at your situation on an individual basis and help you to work out which plan and company might be most practical to you. This advice could save you a great deal of money further down the line.

What can annuity advice do for me?

Annuity advice can make a big difference to your annuity income as it can help you to make the right decisions when it comes to deciding who to take your annuity with and what type of package you should take. As there are so many options available to you, annuity advice helps you to narrow down your options and can suggest benefits that you may not even have considered prior to taking the advice. In addition, annuity advisors can often bring up any problems that you may have not considered with potential annuity plans and help to ensure that you are confident and clear about the package that you are taking.

Where can I get annuity advice?

Annuity advice is available in many forms but commonly comes in the form of one of more annuity advisors. There are many companies that are set up specifically to offer annuity advice and they generally work with a range of industry leading annuity brands to ensure that you are getting the right information and the best deal on your package.

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