If I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis could I Claim a Higher Annuity Income?

15th February 2014

Finding and choosing the right annuity plan is not always easy, and there are plenty of things to watch out for and consider.

What do I need to consider when taking a tax-free lump sum before purchasing an annuity?

26th August 2013

When we look at money, flexibility is key, and it’s something that we all strive for especially when it comes to long-term investments and how we are going to plan for retirement.

Can annuity rates change significantly throughout my lifetime?

23rd August 2013

If you are looking to invest in an annuity then one of the most important things that you will take into consideration is annuity rates at that time, as these can have a major impact on the amount of annuity that you receive, and whether an annuity rate is higher or lower can literally impact your annuity income by thousands of pounds.

Are annuities expensive to purchase?

20th August 2013

If you are heading towards retirement then chances are that your financial situation is something that you will be looking at very seriously, and as such, the decisions that you make can have a direct impact on your financial stability and income for many years to come.

Are there any partnership annuity options?

17th August 2013

If you are in a long-term relationship or married, when it comes to thinking about an annuity chances are it will be a joint decision and not one that you will look to make alone.

Are there any short-term annuity options?

5th August 2013

For most people an annuity is seen as something that’s for life, and once you purchase an annuity it’s a given that you can’t chop and change between annuity providers or change your position.

Why can my annuity decision have such a significant impact on my family?

23rd June 2013

Choosing the right annuity is never an easy decision, and as it’s generally something that you have to keep for the rest of your life, it’s something that you need to make sure is right for you.

What are the ramifications of choosing the wrong annuity?

17th June 2013

Although there’s never a right or wrong annuity, there will always be some annuities that pay more and some annuities that pay less – and if you don’t make the right annuity decision then you can often find that you will be left significantly out of pocket as a result.

How much experience should my annuity advisors have?

16th May 2013

When you are making a big decision, like choosing an annuity provider, it’s absolutely essential that the advisors you are dealing with have the right amount of experience to give you effective advice – after all, this is a decision that you will make for the rest of your life. Once you’ve selected an annuity [...]

Does my annuity change with the market rates?

12th May 2013

When you are looking to apply for an annuity one of the most important things that you will have to take into consideration is the annuity rates at the time, as this can play a major role in the type of income that you receive from your annuity investment. Annuity rates change over time as [...]