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Cost of our services

Do I have to pay a fee?

We feel it is important to offer advice to all our annuity clients and as such we will agree a charge with you for this service. Please see our page “the importance of advice” for more information about how our service will help you.

You will have 2 options with regard to how you pay the charge:
  1. You can opt to have the charge deducted from your pension fund before it is invested into the annuity
  2. You can pay it from your own funds
It will most commonly be option 1 that will suit most clients and it is our standard procedure to receive payment by this method.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you prefer to pay from your own funds.

List of charges

Our usual schedule of charges is as follows:

A percentage of the annuity purchase price (the net fund after tax-free cash has been deducted):

For standard annuities - 1.35%
For enhanced annuities - 1.50%

For with profit/Investment backed annuities - 1.50%

For fixed term annuities - 2.50%

For all cases a minimum charge of £350 applies

We understand that there will always be clients whose situations differ from the norm and we will happily give you an indication of cost in these circumstances.

We will be pleased to discuss our charging structure with you in detail if you have any questions about how the charge is to be paid. Please contact one of our advisers for more information.
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